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pinkybunny's Journal

26 September 1982
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1982- Born
1983 till 1984- Didn't like how I was born the first time so I reincarnated a couple of times until I got it "just right".
1985- picked my nose a lot.
1986- Began to dance.
1987- Began my quest for world domination.
1988- Suceeded and retired from my quest for world domination. Became a juvenille nun.
1989- Was upgraded to a saint for my clever invention of spandex and neon congregational robes.
1990- Divine intervention. I had a dream where pink bunnies told me to follow them into the wilderness. I followed them for a while until I realized that I wanted to be a pink bunny!
1991- The pink bunnies told me that I was too pink to be a "real" pink bunny. I was disowned.
1992- I became a really great attraction for the circus.
1993- I wrote my first novel. "Men are from Mars, Pink Bunnies are from LSD"
1994- I became a superhero. The Mighty Wannabe Pink Bunny.
1995-1998- I was beheaded and hired to be the face of PLAYBOY.
1998- My head was surgically reattached.
1999 till today- I finally gave up on being a Pink Bunny. I got a dye job, and a mascot suit, I am now a dancing alligator. Having a great life- how about you?

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